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Florian Wagner’s Jewellery

Florian Wagner first encountered the world of art and colour watching his father August Wagner at work in his "Studio for Mosaics and Glass Art" in Berlin, where mosaics, stained and engraved glass were created for clients all over the world.
The 15,000 different hues of the mosaic stones and the glorious colours of the stained glass decisively influenced Florian's artistic development.

In 1969, Florian Wagner qualified as a Goldsmith in Berlin.
He then left Europe, living and working in Johannesburg until 1973. The profusion and variety of minerals and gemstones in the southern hemisphere so captivated him that his work is still influenced by the experience to this day.
In 1973 he arrived in Vienna, studying at the Academy of Applied Arts, and 1983 he opened the Mana Gallery, until 1990 one of Vienna's major showcases of contemporary art.

Florian Wagner's discourse with modern art inspired not only his jewellery designs, but also the forms of the utensils he fashioned from silver, such as his "Teapot for Two" (Silvertriennale 1991/92). The same dialogue motivated him to take part in the 1992 exhibition "Diagonal - Austrian by Design".

A short but fruitful collaboration with fashion designer Gabriele Jegumna, presented at the Offlein Fashion Weeks in 1988 and 1989, opened the way to new and broader forms of expression.

In 1998, Florian established a jewellery store in Vienna's First District. It flourished until 2005 when the building changed ownership, forcing him to move.
In 2006 Florian reopened the Mana Gallery as a space to exhibit his work and a forum where colleagues could develop their own jewellery concepts and creations.

Every autumn since 2011, the Gallery has also hosted the" New House Concerts", the contemporary music season Florian initiated with Oskar Aichinger.

Generous, imaginative, erotic - jewellery can be all of these things. But jewellery without the person who wears it, is unfinished. Only on the body is the work that began with a sketch and the selection of materials, completed. Then it retains its meaning, regardless of how often and on what occasions it's worn.
Florian Wagner seeks to incorporate this concept into the very beginning of his work, in the approach he calls "Jewellery Resonance".
Florian is happy to work with any mineral that can be cut, polished, molded or left in its raw state. But his favorite gemstone is the Opal.
As an artist, Florian Wagner imbues his creations with aesthetic and monetary value, through his combination of materials both noble and profane.